We believe that learner-centered education, in the sense we described above, is matured enough to create its own themes, to motivate its own researchers and to accumulate its own literature. We also believe that it is a good time to launch a new series of technology-based education conference series, keeping its learner-centered themes in mind. Explorative learning, visual learning, dynamic learning and active learning, all putting learners at the heart of learning process, will set the scope of both conference series and accompanying book series.

A new book for each year will be published following the conference of that specific year. The content of the books will be based on the selected papers presented at the conferences. For more information about the book publication, please visit the publication page.

To sum up, the mission of IDEAL Conferences is to advance the accumulated knowledge about the ways we use technology in education, to promote learner-centered education, and to encourage scholarly inquiry on dynamic and explorative learning strategies and visual learning features. We, therefore, look forward your contribution to the I. IDEAL Conference. Scholars from all disciplines are welcome to share their experiences, research results, and provocative thoughts













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